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iluma Agency CEO featured on WLRN Sunshine Economy

Floridians are anxious. Even after several years of job growth, most are worried about the economy. Two out of three Floridians say they are financially stressed. For those with a child at home, or living in South Florida, odds are even higher.

Listen to the full show here.  |  Oct 10, 2016

And the biggest threat to the economy according to Floridians? Low paying jobs, shows a new statewide Sunshine State Survey. The results of what Floridians report about their own economics mirror what Florida International University (FIU) found in its State of Working Florida report released last month. That report found a shrinking middle class here. WLRN spoke with Susan MacManus, director of the Sunshine State Survey and a political science professor at the University of South Florida, and Ali Bustamante, author of the FIU report.We also checked in with two regional business leaders to see if they share the anxiety felt by Floridians:  Aaron Lee, founder and CEO of marketing firm Illuminati Studios and president of the regional Entrepreneur’s Organization, and  A.J. Meyer, vice president of business development at construction and real estate development firm ANF Group.