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Meet iluma’s Team: Lydia Pulver

Lydia Pulver, Account Executive, has been with Illuminati Studios for three years. As she communicates with our clients and works closely with our production team to ensure high-quality digital marketing services, she enjoys the variety of projects she’s involved in. One of her favorites? OTF car wrap designs and window graphics. If you’ve ordered car wrap designs or window graphics from Illuminati Studios, then you’ve likely had the fortune of speaking with Lydia. Those of us lucky enough to work with her here at our office in Miami Lakes, Florida, are happy to report that she’s just as friendly, cheerful, and enjoyable to work with as she sounds! We’ve loved getting to know her and think you will, too.

Lydia was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on Cinco de Mayo (margaritas, anyone?). Her family then moved to Vermont before Lydia moved to Coconut Grove, Florida, with her mom. She still visits her dad and extended family in Vermont, having spent entire summers there when she was younger. Sounds like a different world from the developed gridlock of Miami—her father’s rural mountain residence doesn’t even have an address!

Here in South Florida, Lydia attended K-12 at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and went to the University of Miami, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in communication with a concentration in advertising and a minor in psychology. Having first studied engineering and physics and at one point considering a career in accounting, her broad educational background makes her an adept team player who can take on anything. Lydia was drawn to the Univeristy of Miami as a small, private school with reputable academics—but there’s also another very big reason she went there. Lydia is a huge UM sports fan. She watches every single UM football game and attends all the home games so she can cheer on her Canes. Her love of sports doesn’t end there. She loves the Miami Heat and even brings us with her to baseball games at Marlins Park from time to time, including the recent World Baseball Classic match between USA and Colombia. Tickets courtesy of her boyfriend, David, who works for the Marlins finance department. (Thanks David!) Lydia met David in high school after becoming friends with his sister. They both went to UM, where he pursued a degree in sports management. A love of sports is definitely something they have in common!

When football season isn’t filling her weekends, Lydia enjoys trying new restaurants. Sushi is on her weekly must-eat list, but her absolute favorite food is cheese, whether it’s blue cheese crumbles on a salad, mac n’ cheese, or her famous pesto grilled cheese. She’s also quite the baker, having won our recent Pi Day pie-baking challenge here in the office. She had all the motivation she needed: The prize was a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory.

From what we hear, Lydia has done some pretty great traveling. She shares stories of family fishing trips to Scott Lake, in a very remote area of the Northwest Territories in Canada. She has done fly fishing and standard fishing, catching trout, grayling, and pike. She saw the northern lights and has even flown in a seaplane. From a month-long stay in Spain during high school to an Alaskan cruise her Oma (grandma) won in a bridge tournament, she has plenty of stories to tell about spending a night in sand dunes or her Opa (grandpa) losing their passports and finding them in his fanny pack only after visiting the American embassy! We also get to hear stories about Zoe, Lydia’s energetic 9-year-old Boston Terrier. Zoe may not see very well these days, but she never loses sight of tennis balls—those are her favorite!

Lydia looks forward to talking to you the next time you order OTF car wrap designs or window graphics. Be sure to wish her a happy upcoming birthday, but don’t tell her if you’re an FSU fan or don’t like the Hurricanes! Don’t have the latest OTF approved car wraps or window graphics? Get started here, and Lydia will be happy to contact you.