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Meet iluma’s Team: Allison Krupp

You probably don’t know Allison Krupp, but if you know our LocalLight Digital Marketing program, then you know and love her work. A graphic designer at Illuminati Studios for four years, Allison leads our creative team in developing the eye-catching animated social media graphics, advertisement images, and lead-generating landing page layouts that have become so crucial to the success of our clients. Her in-depth knowledge of brand guidelines for the franchises we work with, the time she spends in and outside of the office exploring new artistic trends and lead-generation techniques, and her intuitive eye for marketing design are just some of the characteristics that make her such an integral part of our team. We also love having her on her team because she’s a good person—with a heart of gold. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she retains much more than a pinch of famous deep-fried Southern charm. “Hey y’all,” she’ll often start a conversation with us before divulging her latest ideas to produce better designs and deliverables for our clients. And we love hearing about Rizzo, the light-footed tiger tabby she gave a home, having recently adopted him from the Broward County Humane Society.

A caring world citizen, she stays on top of news and trends as a dedicated listener to National Public Radio on her way to and from the office. Allison moved to Florida in 2001, where she began pursuing a degree in advertising at the University of South Florida. Although she had a strong knack for marketing and advertising, she quickly realized her interest in a more hands-on roll that would embrace her life-long love of design. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Florida Atlantic University.

An art and design enthusiast for as long as she can remember, Allison fondly recalls childhood trips to art museums with her family. Artist and author Normal Rockwell was one of her first inspirations, but she also mentioned a special place in her heart for her beloved “Nana’s” iconic artwork-decorated cane. Among her other top influencers are designers like Stefan Sagmeister and his partner Jessica Walsh; Paula Scher; Veerle Pieters; Milton Glaser; Fred Woodward; Chip Kidd; and Paul Rand—along with an eclectic mix of other creative thinkers.

If you would like to know more about Allison, leave a comment with your questions. She would be happy to share more about her background, personality, design perspectives, or even Rizzo’s latest pranks.