Portal V 2.0 Set to Launch in September 2016

The LocalLight Digital Marketing team recently rolled out an updated version of our reporting dashboard for beta testing. We expect to fully launch our Portal V 2.0 in September 2016. The reporting dashboard is an essential tool that enables our clients to easily understand the success of their past and present digital campaigns, tracking everything from impressions and clicks to leads and lifetime value of conversions. Tools such as this help us continuously collect and analyze data so we can devise efficient, impactful campaigns that maximize not just the number of leads but also, more importantly, the qualification of those leads. Our clients deserve the transparency of results allowed by this dashboard and should feel confident that we are making informed decisions designed to grow their business and put their advertising budget to good use.

The LocalLight Digital Marketing program is fully managed by our team so business owners can focus on running their business. Sharing data that is difficult to use or decipher would be a waste of our clients’ valuable time. By working closely with and listening carefully to their needs—including via monthly review conference calls—we have devised and implemented an updated dashboard that is even more user-friendly. It neatly provides all the statistics, data, and features our clients have been asking for.

The LocalLight Portal V 2.0 is one of many improvements we’ll be rolling out in the near future to enhance our localized digital marketing program. Always proactively searching for the next best thing, we position ourselves at the forefront of ever-evolving digital marketing trends so we can deliver quality results to the mutli-unit studios, clinics, and salons we work with.

If your franchise or multi-unit business is interested in learning more about the updated reporting dashboard and working with LocalLight Digital Marketing, please give us a call or send us an email to get started.