Meet iluma’s Team: Allison Krupp

Blog, Meet the Staff
You probably don’t know Allison Krupp, but if you know our LocalLight Digital Marketing program, then you know and love her work. A graphic designer at Illuminati Studios for four years, Allison leads our creative team in developing the eye-catching animated social media graphics, advertisement images, and lead-generating landing page layouts that have become so crucial to the success of our clients. Her in-depth knowledge of brand guidelines for the franchises we work with, the time she spends in and outside of the office exploring new artistic trends and lead-generation techniques, and her intuitive eye for marketing design are just some of the characteristics that make her such an integral part of our team. keep reading

Blog, Orangetheory
The LocalLight Digital Marketing experts at Illuminati Studios have developed a thorough understanding of the Orangetheory Fitness brand and the best marketing practices to grow a pre-open studio. By working with Orangetheory since Studio 0002, we have proven success helping 53 studios reach the famed 500 Club, including Orangetheory Fitness Nona. What makes our program for pre-open studios so effective? keep reading

Supercharge your studio’s social media and content marketing with these expert plans from the LocalLight digital marketing experts of Orangetheory Fitness. We’ve worked with Orangetheory from Studio 0002 and have become masters of leading pre-open studios to the 500 Club and strengthening that all-important sense of community and oneness that keeps members burning strong in open studios. Our team of knowledgeable social media, content, design, digital, and account specialists collaborate internally and with your team to deliver the high standard of quality it takes to elevate your studio to its All-Out level. keep reading