Digital Marketing Strategy For Franchise Development


iluma Agency serves as an extension of your brand’s franchise marketing team, providing strategic local and regional marketing campaigns so zees can focus on operations. We’re responsive to questions, ideas, and needs while proactively innovating new solutions that deliver better results year after year. By leveraging national brand initiatives and promotions customized to the nuances of each unique market’s demographics, we help franchisees—and the brand at large—shine.

Search, Display, Social Media & Content Marketing
Use the power of local search and online advertising to reach new qualified leads and customers while increasing brand loyalty, referrals, repeat visits, and win-backs. From competitor-targeted geofencing and Google Search ads to organic Instagram posts and Yelp review responses, our comprehensive integrated digital marketing program maximizes reach, engagement, leads, conversions, and profitability.

Local & Regional Turnkey Programs

We have built our team, processes, and systems to deliver highly effective marketing campaigns that are custom-tailored for your brand and every location, from local single unit to regional co-op group plans, at each unique stage of franchise growth, starting with pre-sales and employing new marketing tactics at each milestone between grand opening to mature. Our franchise marketing experts get franchisee marketing up and running fast then stay on top of your campaign to optimize results.


Our proprietary reporting dashboard shows your marketing results in real-time so franchisees, area developers, and the corporate marketing team can measure performance and ROI of individual locations, groups, or the brand at large. Our marketing ad creative, copy, platform, and budget recommendations and decisions are backed by data, and our zees deserve to know how every dollar of their campaign is spent.

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Multi-stage Marketing Strategy

iluma Agency has developed custom marketing programs to address the unique needs of franchisees and maximize growth at every stage of maturity. As franchise locations move from pre-sales to grand opening to mature, the focus of our digital marketing strategies and tactics are adjusted to ensure a highly effective overall campaign.



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Grow and succeed before opening day. Our proven process for pre-open franchise marketing generates local market awareness, maximizes lead generation, builds a foundational social media following, creates a sense of urgency to take action (whether it’s to sign up for a membership, opt into an email newsletter, or enter contact info for a pre-sale coupon), and keeps the local community engaged during an often lengthy construction and opening timeline.

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Keep ongoing digital lead generation tactics working on Google Search, programmatic, and paid social while introducing varying offers to reach new local customers and expand local market awareness. Build an online reputation and bring visibility to the customer experiencing by leveraging the power of active and responsive social media profiles and online listings including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Yelp.

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There is no limit or endpoint to growth. Our marketing tactics for mature locations combat challenges in market saturation and high cost per lead while simultaneously focusing on win-back campaigns and increasing the lifetime value of customers through retention, loyalty, and repeat visit or retail campaigns.



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“The car wrap looks great. It’s definitely going to stand out and looks polished and bold. Great work.”

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“We’re getting too many leads—your program works too well!”

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Multi-tier branded marketing ensures goals are met at the single studio, multi-unit, co-op and corporate levels. Our team align national branding, regional promotions, and hyperlocal activity to target the right audience in the right markets and on the right platforms without double-spending on digital ads.


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