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Ready to Build Your Franchise Recruitment Website?

4 Things to Consider When Building Your Franchise Recruitment Website

The 2019 Annual Franchise Development Report found that 58% of recruitment budgets for the year went towards digital spending with 14% of that money dedicated to franchise websites. If you want results, a great franchise website is the answer, but building a franchise site is very different from a consumer site. Understanding and planning for those differences in your franchise site is vital to securing quality leads and conversions.

What Information Should You Include

Consider your sales strategy. Will you nurture? Filter? Engage? Whichever strategy you choose will determine what information you should be providing. A filter strategy, for example, might include a detailed form with questions like financial eligibility to increase your lead quality. No matter what information you provide, from contact information to qualification parameters, it should always be up to date and accurate. Outdated information on your franchise website can risk your credibility and leave buyers wondering if this is the right investment for them.

Franchisees play a big role in the growth and success of your company. Making sure you are appealing to the right franchisees is crucial.  It isn’t enough to simply throw information on a page. You need the right information to attract the right franchisees, that includes what you don’t share. You want to engage potential buyers without overwhelming them. Use your sales strategy to determine what information is necessary for franchisees to know up front. Everything else can be shared throughout the onboarding process.

Inspire Potential Franchises

One of the most important jobs of a franchise recruitment site is to inspire potential franchisees. If a buyer is left uninspired, they might move on. Buyers are signing up to make your company a big part of their lives and because of that they care about your story. Include a section on your site to tell that story and inspire potential franchisees. Videos are a great way to create that connection and help potential franchisees understand your brand. You can include videos of franchisee testimonials or even a ‘trailer’ of your company. Videos are quick and entertaining, but also establish an emotional connection. That emotional connection will help potential franchisees continue to stay interested in becoming a part of your company.

Consider Your Visual Layout

While brand alignment and aesthetics are important, the most valuable aspect of your franchise recruitment website is information. The visuals on your website should be more than flashy, they need to be valuable. Your website should be organized based on your individual franchise’s sales strategy. While being organized by sales strategy, it should also be easy for the potential franchisee to read and digest the information and do with it as they see fit. Visuals should also reflect that. For example, an infographic map with available territories is more useful on the franchise site than the consumer site. You will also have to decide whether you want your recruitment site to be a section off your consumer site, or its own independent site. If your sales strategy requires minimal information, a section off your consumer site may be the right choice; however, if you try to squeeze too much information on the page, it can quickly seem unprofessional or cluttered. With more information, it is better to go with an independent website.

Remember Who You Are Appealing To

The audience of the franchise site is going to be completely different from your consumer site. The website should reflect those differences. Whether they are in the interest/consideration stage or they are about to submit an interest form, your website should also appeal to every stage of the marketing funnel. For example, a “Frequently Asked Questions” page would appeal to those who are currently seeking more information but are not ready to make the full commitment. An “About Us” page will target someone in the awareness stage trying to learn more about your brand and how they can fit into your story. In addition to the audience differences, make sure that you consider your franchise structure. Are you looking for single-unit, multi-unit, or owner-operators? These key attributes are the difference between a lead and a new franchisee.

Looking for Effective Franchise Recruitment?

Although a franchise recruitment website may look different, it is still primarily about selling, but to a different audience. Iluma Agency works with you to identify your target prospects and custom tailor your website to reach new franchisees for your brand. Discover how we can attract and develop qualified franchise prospects, visit our website and contact us to learn how we can help you reach your franchise marketing goals. Be sure to follow us on social media for more franchise recruitment and marketing tips!