You may have heard that a complete digital marketing campaign for your business should include a blogging and content marketing component.

One of the primary ways that blogs can boost your brand’s growth is by maximizing SEO, or search engine optimization, so your business appears higher in Google search results. This is especially crucial when you consider that most people won’t even click or tap through to the second page of results.

Here are two of the more commonly known tricks for an SEO blog boost:
  • Blog length of more than 300 words
  • Use keywords likely to be entered in a search engine when searching for a business similar to yours

But these can’t be the only techniques that go into a blog post, or what you’ll end up with is something that people don’t want to read. Keyword density should not be your sole focus.

Search engine optimization goes beyond just keywords and word count. Search engines like Google have evolved in complexity and rely on a complex algorithm to determine SEO and page rankings.

Readability is equally important to your blog’s SEO, so keep these points in mind:

  • Grammar and spelling matter.
  • Short words, sentences, and paragraphs make it easier to read. Aim for a conversational tone, and check your Flesch-Kincaid readability score.
  • Page design, formatting, and typography (including font, size, spacing, and header structure) can affect whether people read it.
  • Breaking up text with relevant images improves readability and shareability.
  • It must be interesting to your audience.

The length of time spent on a blog page helps search engines determine readability and assess whether people can and want to read your blog.

Aside from increasing search ranking results, you do want people to read your blog. By providing relevant, interesting, and readable content to your customers and prospects, your blog allows you to position your business as an industry leader. Use your blog to connect with your audience on a human level while you teach them about your brand and ultimately increase sales.