Peer Evaluation

You’ve been invited to share your insights on one of your fellow peers through as part of their annual performance review process. Although your timely response is most appreciated, your thorough review and feedback is of utmost importance. Please take your time and provide responses that are meaningful, constructive, and will allow to share feedback to your fellow ilumaNeer.

Please rate your peer on the following characteristics in relation to how they work with you. If a topic does not apply to how you work with this individual, please mark N/A.

Personality / Demeanor:(Required)
Flexible and easy to get along with, an adaptable team player
Communication Skills:(Required)
Listens, understands and expresses him/herself well
Understands craft, systems, and processes
Project Management:(Required)
Organizes tasks and assignments
Assignment Delegation:(Required)
Willingly accepts delegated tasks with ease
Assignment Delegation:(Required)
Delegates tasks in a professional manner
Attention to Detail:(Required)
Attentive to all aspects of assignments and workflow
Client Interaction:(Required)
Relates to client needs, both spoken and unspoken
Seeks innovative solutions
Possesses the drive to teach those around them successfully

Thank you!